A geographical overview of ecuador a small country in south america

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The temperate level experiences rainstorms, hailstorms, and fog. Its population is heavily mestizo of mixed European and Indian descent with substantial minorities of European and African ancestry.

The southern part is covered by the Amazon rain forest and belongs mostly to the Amazon basin. People of South America: In the larger, eastern portion are found a number of stable shields forming highland regions, separated by large basins including the vast Amazon basin.

Gran Colombia had always protested Peru for the return of Jaen and Tumbes for almost a decade, then finally Bolivar after long and futile discussion over the return of Jaen, Tumbes, and part of Mainas, declared war.

Think you know your South American countries. To the south, savannah tropical grassland vegetation covers the Colombian portion of the llanos. Relief[ edit ] Relief map of Colombia The Andean range is located in Colombia from the southwest Ecuador border toward the northeast Venezuela border and is divided in the Colombian Massif Macizo Colombiano in three ranges East AndesCentral Andes and West Andes that form two long valleys, Magdalena and Cauca follow by the rivers of the same name.

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Their movement, along with the continuing destabilizing efforts by both the elite and leftist movements, has led to a deterioration of the executive office. It was common knowledge among the top officers of the liberation army from the south that their leader San Martin wished to liberate present-day Ecuador and add it to the future republic of Peru, since it had been part of the Inca Empire before the Spaniards conquered it.

Historic documents repeatedly stated that San Martin told Bolivar he came to Guayaquil to liberate the land of the Incas from Spain. The Colombian cordilleras belong to the northern portion of the great Andean mountain system, which extends along the Pacific coast of South America.

However, a post-Second World War recession and popular unrest led to a return to populist politics and domestic military interventions in the s, while foreign companies developed oil resources in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The mountainous parts of the country can be divided into several vegetation zones according to altitude, although the altitude limits of each zone may vary somewhat depending on the latitude.

These include the glaciated coastal archipelagoes of Argentina and Chile. The same thing goes for areas close to the Equator, including the Amazon Rainforest.

The continent is mostly made up of lowlands, highlands, and the Andes mountain range, which is the longest mountain range in the world. Its geographical and cultural diversity has won Ecuador the designation as the entryway to South America, with the capital city of Quito as its center of gravity.

The dissolution of Gran Colombia Map of the former Gran Colombia in named in its time as Colombiathe Gran Colombia covered all the colored region. Some of these include Guayana Esequiba, which has Guyanese administration but is claimed by Venezuela.

Climate South America is home to a range of climate classifications, from equatorial to tundra. Vegetation also responds to rainfall patterns. Fauna of Colombia and Flora of Colombia Altitude affects not only temperature, but also vegetation. In the northwest it is joined to North America by the Isthmus of Panamaa land bridge narrowing to about 50 miles 80 km at one point.

The steep and rugged Andean mountain masses and the high intermontane basins descend into plains that extend along the Caribbean and Pacific coasts and across the eastern interior toward the Orinoco and Amazon river systems.

Precipitation frequently is in the form of snow, fog, and rain. Rain can also vary on a local basis. Indigenous People in Chile The Falkland Malvinas Islands are east of southern Argentina. From the Guaviare River northward the plains between the Andes and the Orinoco River are mostly grass-covered, forming the largest savanna complex in tropical America.

The Peruvian Navy blocked the port of Guayaquilalmost cutting all supplies to the Ecuadorian troops. From the shores of the Caribbean Sea inland to the lower spurs of the three major cordilleras extends a slightly undulating savanna surface of varying width, generally known as the Atlantic lowlands also called the Caribbean coastal lowlands.

Relatively few islands rim the continent, except in the south. During colonial times this was to halt the ever-expanding Portuguese settlements into Spanish domains, which were left vacant and in disorder after the expulsion of Jesuit missionaries from their bases along the Amazon Basin.

After Peru was completely liberated from Spain by the patriot armies led by Bolivar and Antonio Jose de Sucre at the Battle of Ayacucho dated December 9,there was a strong desire by some Peruvians to resurrect the Inca Empire and to include Bolivia and Ecuador.

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This happened a few days before San Martin's Peruvian forces could arrive and occupy Guayaquil, with the intention of annexing Guayaquil to the rest of Audiencia of Quito Ecuador and to the future republic of Peru.

Portuguese is mostly spoken in Brazil, which is the most populated country on the continent. What are you waiting for. Diurnal temperatures, however, vary dramatically, from cold mornings to hot afternoons. Considerable variations occur because of local conditions that affect wind currents, however, and areas on the leeward side of the Guajira Peninsula receive generally light rainfall; the annual rainfall of millimeters Peru briefly occupied Guayaquil again insince Peru thought that Ecuador was selling some of the disputed land for development to British bond holders, but returned Guayaquil after a few months.

Ecuador, country of northwestern South America. Ecuador is one of the most environmentally diverse countries in the world, and it has contributed notably to the environmental sciences. Geography.

Geography of Colombia

Ecuador comprises a number of very distinct, dramatic geographical regions. The Andes run north-south through the country and form a mountainous spine with a number of peaks over 5,m (16, ft) and some climbing to 6,m (21,ft).

Colombia, officially Republic of Colombia, Spanish Rep├║blica de Colombia, country of northwestern South America. Its 1, miles (1, km) of coast to the north are bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, and its miles (1, km) of coast to the west are washed by the Pacific Ocean.

Ecuador Ecuador is a developing country. Travelers to the capital city of Quito may require some time to adjust to the altitude (close to 10, feet), which can. Ecuador has a small but growing immigrant population and is Latin America's top recipient of refugees; 98% are neighboring Colombians fleeing violence in their country.

Age structure: This entry provides the distribution of the population according to age. Ecuador is a country in western South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean at the Equator, for which the country is turnonepoundintoonemillion.comr encompasses a wide range of natural formations and climates, from the desert-like southern coast to the snowcapped peaks of the Andes mountain range to the plains of the Amazon Basin.

Cotopaxi in Ecuador is .

A geographical overview of ecuador a small country in south america
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